Great new review of Roadie (and Bruce Springsteen’s Born To Run) just posted on!

“My real life experiences over the past 23 years pale in comparison to the tales contained in Roadie. Howard Massey lets us become the fly on the road case and observe the insanity of touring and the music business in general, with  a  hilarious  and  wry  point  of  view.  Definitely  an  all-access  pass!” — CJ Vanston,  Spinal Tap musical director

“Truth may be stranger than fiction, but fiction allows us to glimpse  deeper  truths  that  reality often obscures. That’s the case with Howard Massey’s riveting debut novel, Roadie. Massey is intimately familiar with the inner world of rock & roll—not just behind the music, but beneath the glamour and beyond the  carefully  sculpted  images.  Much  of  it  is  not  pretty, but it’s endlessly fascinating and, quite literally, filled with mystery in this tale of rises, falls, survival, and against all odds, friendship.” — Anthony DeCurtis, Contributing Editor, Rolling Stone

Roadie joins the ranks of the great classic novels of ambition and greed. Masterfully told and thoroughly enjoyable …  a must read that will join the pantheon of great novels with a music theme.” — Celine Keating, author of Play for Me and Layla

“Howard  Massey  has  got  the  music  business  cold,  and  Roadie  is  as  searing —  and    informed — an indictment of major label  greed  as  I’ve  ever  read.  With  sympathetic  characters, a plot that kept me engrossed to the final line, and a heartfelt love for rock and roll, Roadie delivers the goods.” — Lewis Shiner, author of NY Times best seller Glimpses

“Brought back the good, bad, and ugly of my life on the road.” — Butch Dener, former tour manager with The Band

“Howard Massey understands the machinations that ensue when talent is seen as a     commodity and creativity, corporatism, and downright criminality come together …      The climactic moments are breathtaking; anyone who’s ever thrilled to a solo riff or had a true friend will blink back tears.” — Chronogram magazine

“… a well-written and constructed novel that interleaves recent history with a convoluted detective story. The book is the stuff of legends, and highly recommended.” — ProSound Network

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